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Ten advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries of Euler Energy’s integrated solar light compared to the lead-acid battery of traditional split street lights.
  • Under regular conditions, lead-acid battery can only work 4-6 hours, while Euler Energy’s integrated solar light can work all night, with an advantage of road traffic safety and stable public environment.
  • At the present stage, lead-acid battery has severe problems of false labeled parameters and power reduction. Euler Energy’s integrated solar light offers sufficient power and output, so our headlamps at 20W are much brighter than those powered by traditional lead-acid battery at 30W.
  • Easy installation of Euler Energy’s integrated solar light. It can save half of the construction costs of lead-acid street lights. (eg. 100 yuan can be saved if the lamp is 6 meters high.)
  • When it comes to the situations that the lamps need maintain or come to the end of their life, it will be inconvenient to maintain or replace lead-acid battery (for their numerous accessories and complicated wiring). While Euler Energy’s solar light is convenient to be installed and we don’t need to check the specific damaged parts then change them there as lead-acid lamps. We just replace the complete set so that it is convenient, efficient and saving your time and efforts.
  • The lead-acid battery is fragile to high temperature and easy to be sulfured while lithium iron phosphate battery can resist temperature.
  • Under regular conditions, traditional solar lights with lead-acid battery can work continuously equal or less than 3 wet days, while Euler Energy’s integrated solar light can light up everyday for the whole year.
  • The life span of lithium iron phosphate battery is 8 to 12 years, fourfold life span of lead-acid battery.
  • Euler Energy’s integrated solar light is highly centralized without wires at construction sites so that the old bad habit of shuffling defective lead-acid battery to constructors’ misoperation at construction sites can be avoided.

  • There are inevitable phenomena of covered lamps powered by solar energy in beautiful villages or housing plots. Traditional lead-acid battery being covered will be damaged and irreparable after 3 months while the solar panel of Euler Energy is 5V. It needs low-voltage power supply and can generate electricity at cloudy days.
  • The pollution of a lead-acid battery to the land of 1000 square meters can not be completely detoxified within 100 years. The lithium iron phosphate battery is green.
The advantages of LED chips:
The generating efficiency of LED chips is 180-210LM/W and that of ordinary LED chips is only 80-90LM/W. The life span is 50.000hrs. The voltage of solar panel is 5V. We adopt the spectrum chip with excellent weak light power generation effect which can work in cloudy days. Light sensor intelligent control which means the solar light will be up automatically at night and be off automatically by dawn. Any quality problems with the main components can be solved for free and we shall bear the costs of sending back and forth.
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